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"my future is so bright i gotta wear shades."-only nick [22 May 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | blank ]

look at me updating wooh.

i went back and deleted all my old entries.
so if you wanted to snoop its too late now.
im not so bored now earlier i was dying.
a lot of drama last night. interesting stuff.
not as interesting as watching porn with your
family, but hey we're not all that lucky.
banquet i son friday and i still havent come
close to doing the scrapbook. do i care eh not
really. youre only going to see that same 7 people
because that is all our band consists of.
i think im going to pass it on to emily this week
so she can finish it. im so lucky my date for
banquet is.....drumroll................
GUI! the one and only. hes so nice for going.
we are going to get crunk.
so yea school is almost over thank goodness.
i didnt work this whoel weekend. but i get 10 hours.
not bad, not good either but what are ya gon' do?
so yea i think this shall be it for now.

The End

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